Continued car bitch…

My husband has to extend his stay in Alabama so I am forced to drive his bat mobile for a few more days.  This is starting to get ugly.  And by ugly I mean his car is getting dirty inside and out and the longer I drive it, the worst it is going to get.  You can already see my finger swipes on the dirt on the trunk. My husband would NEVER let his car get that dirty!

My new complaints:

  • He thought he was being funny by setting the MPH “alarm” on the car so whenever I went over 80 MPH, it would go off.  Forget that, I used the Dick Wand mentioned earlier and turned that shit right off. Nice try, though.
  • Saying that, I glance down while going home on 75 and see that I am going 92 MPH.  Whoa!  Sure didn’t feel that fast but I am pretty sure if I use that statement it will most probably NOT work if I do get pulled over.  So now I always check my speed.  Well, most of the time.  Because if I do get a speeding ticket, it will totally not be my fault.
  • I know my husband has worked hard on his blacked out Camaro.  But this cute face was hanging out the window coming home from the groomers.


Christmas bow and all!  Maybe not the overall look he wanted but then he wasn’t driving. BTW, Casey kept on rolling down all the windows by stepping on the auto buttons.  I finally gave up and just turned the heat on high.

  • Getting really tired of hitting my head every time I get in.  Either the seat has to be lower or my head needs something done with it.  And just think – his next plan is to lower the whole car by 1.5 inches.  I swear if that happens I’ll need to crawl into the damn thing.
  • I started out being really good about parking far away in the parking lot.  But it is Christmas after all.  So I guess I am playing small dent roulette here.  I’ll take my chances.


One response to “Continued car bitch…

  1. As usual, you crack me up! I’ve missed a bunch of your posts but you are now officially one of my “opening tabs” when I launch Chrome so (hopefully) I’ll keep up more now. Hope you’re doing great!

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