SuperBowl Sunday 2015

Just because I didn’t actually watch the 2015 Superbowl does not mean I can’t comment about it.   I mean, my husband DID monopolize the TV all night. One can only surf the Internet for so long.

As usual I wait until the middle of the fourth quarter to ask which team is which color.  Because I really don’t care.  Although I did think that the bright green shoes were pretty cool.

And I guess the big question of the game was:  HOW AWESOME WAS KATY PERRY’S HALFTIME SHOW?  Okay, so maybe the OTHER big question was why in the hell did the coach decide to throw a pass on that last play?  But it is my blog and so…HOW AWESOME WAS KATY PERRY?!

So at the very end I starting bitching about the game going into overtime.  Which my husband told me would not happen.  Now, knowing that I know more about football than he does (after all, he never knows which celebrity is married to which football player), I had to disagree.  Which started THIS WHOLE MATH conversation about 7 points and 3 points and current scores and THEN he started with all this addition and I was so over it.  No overtime; I was happy.

Missed most of the commercials.  Definitely not your usual beer and baby entertainment this year.  Although I did love that they used the Brady Bunch in the Snicker’s commercial.  Needed more animals.  Or the baby back. I really missed the baby.

I loved the play where the football never touched the ground but just kept bouncing up and down in the air.  Totally got what that meant afterwards.  I would put that play on U-Tube and send it out to all my friends with the message: “Oh, it’s gonna touch the ground!  Oops, no it’s not!  Well, maybe this time…Nope WRONG again!  I am going to just lay here on my back and play with the ball for a little while.  Leave me alone.”  Then cover him with streamers.  (Now, I know I have the wrong team in the picture below – just work with me, okay?)


Then there was this headline: Seahawks fan dives head first into TV after Seattle loses.  Of course this was staged.  I would probably even do this if I got really, really pissed like, during the Survivor finale.  And if the TV was really, really old and junky.

Finally, I don’t care how many seconds are left.  If you pitch the football to the quarterback and he catches it and goes on one knee, you should have to stay in that position until the final bell rings.  Or until the game ties.  However the math works.




One response to “SuperBowl Sunday 2015

  1. Lori,
    Karen and I bought a ticket at the sports book for Seattle to win. As per your observation and comment in paragraph 3 regarding the pass we did not collect any winnings. We should have checked with you before we placed our bet 🙂 it was great chatting with you!

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