LWL Musings #34

Couple of stories to share:

  • My son’s muffler on his car has been sagging for weeks.  When we bitched, he said he would fix it.  Which meant he took a metal coat hanger and jerry rigged it to the bottom of the car.  He kept saying “as soon as I have a day off, I’ll get it fixed” but when we would bring it up, he would get all pissy – as most 20-year-old boys will do.  So this Saturday, we are using our spare key and are going to take his stupid car in to be fixed. BEFORE his muffler totally falls off.  I am already working on my “OMG someone stole your car!” face when he wakes up around noon to find his car missing.  Of course, by then it will be fixed and ready to be picked up.  My only concern now is which blanket I need to use to sit on to drive it and if we have febreeze in the house.
  • I told my husband I wanted turtles for Valentine’s Day. “What?” he asked with this totally blank look on his face.  “Turtles, you know the candy,” I clarified.  I am not sure he still understands but so help me, if I get a real live turtle for Valentine’s Day I am going to totally lose it. BTW, the annual “Do I have to buy my  husband a stupid Valentine’s Day card?” question has been answered as I sit at his desk and type this.  I tried to unseal it to see if I needed to get a sappy one and of course I can’t.  I REALLY hate this holiday. At least I know I won’t get flowers.  Twenty plus years of bitching took care of that one.
  • My husband told me sports was over now that the Superbowl was finished.  He hates basketball.  I was so happy to hear that until I discovered him watching Golf.  Golf is a sport.  He lied.

One response to “LWL Musings #34

  1. Happy Valentines Day Lori!
    If you stay late again at work, perhaps you could go out and move your car closer to your work exit door when the parking lot starts to clear. I certainly would have been scared to see that.

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