I Suck – But I am not going to change

As I sit here eating my chocolate, pecan and caramel candy, I will confess that I did not get my husband a Valentine’s Day card.  Now, I THOUGHT about it more than once.  I even meandered over to the card section at the store twice but just wasn’t in the mood to stand around perusing sappy red, pink and white cards.

And you should have read the card my husband gave me with my candy. It was so special and you could tell he had put a lot of thought and consideration into getting me just the perfect card.

But what I did manage to do was get a Valentine’s Day card for my daughter from her dog and one for my son from his cat.

Like I said, I suck. And I do feel a little bad.  But I’m not going to change. So please do me a favor and remind me on July 19th that I will have my 29th wedding anniversary.  Or is that July 29th and 19 years?  I know it’s one or the other. And I have 5 months to figure it out.


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