Damn Snow

Now, I don’t mean to diminish the fact that lots of other states got a lot more snow than I did – But DAMN!  This has GOT to end.  I watched the big, fluffy white flakes softly fall from the blue-gray sky all day on Saturday while in my mind I heard a gentle voice say, “You know you will have to shovel that shit tomorrow.”


And then tomorrow came. And I shoveled away.  I used to enjoy shoveling the snow from the driveway. Of course that was before it was five inches deep and iced over.  And for those of you who are driveway snow challenged – once you drive over the snow, it becomes packed and then iced and then you are only going to remove that crap with an ice pick and a bag of rock salt.  Now, I have heard it called “Heart Attack Snow Shoveling.”  Which is a funny term to me because heaven knows I am personally not going there.  I’ll take my time, take breaks, take time to bitch and whine, ask my daughter to help (like that would ever happen – she did offer to vacuum the livingroom though), blow my nose, yell at the dog, drink hot chocolate, etc. so there is definitely no strain on my part.  But after three hours, I was about done. Wasn’t fun anymore. It had officially become a snow chore.  And snow chores suck.

Realize that I also have to shovel for the pets.  Which means I am shoveling snow off grass.  There is something so wrong with that statement.  Yet when I see poor little Casey trying to pee in five-inch deep snow, well, I am entertained but then I have to be nice to the little dog.  Besides, both Boca and I are still pissed about the whole cat litter box thing.

As I was shoveling away, I heard a loud Ker-Plunk!  I looked up to see this:


A big batch of snow fell off my daughter’s car roof.  That ended it right there.  It was a sign. I was finished.

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