LWL Musings #97

  • I was talking to Christina and her friend, Connor and made the comment, “Well, just remember not to drink the Kool-Aid.”  Both of them just looked at me.  “You know, Jim Jones? Cult Leader? Guyana?  Oh for heaven’s sake, just google it.” How can anyone NOT know the reference to that sentence?
  • There is a book titled:  The Lost Art of House Cleaning by Jan Dougherty.   Note to Jan: It’s not lost; it’s that no one wants to do it.
  • Headline: 13-year-old builds moonshine still for class – “Damn,” I thought, “that kid probably won the science fair.”  No, he got expelled.  You know, school just isn’t the same.  In my 4th grade science class I had to participate in dissecting a cow.  True story – the entire class had to unfold and then hold the large intestine outside on the playground to show how long it was.  My group project was to cook the cow tongue.  What I wouldn’t have given to make moonshine instead.
  • I am already very sad to see the teeny tiny sprouts of corn growing in the corner field.  That means by fall I won’t be able to see any cars turning the corner and thus will have to slow down.  Why can’t they just grow soy beans every year?
  • Nothing is worse than having a deaf dog.  Well, unless your deaf dog gets under the fence and wanders into the neighbors horse farm.  Which means I had to climb a 6 foot wooden fence in bare feet and run after him. I am too old for this.


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