The Saga of the Fitted Sheet

I have never been able to fold a fitted sheet. And I have tried. I have even enlisted the help of others. I have watched numerous YouTube instructional videos but as soon as I realize you need an empty table, forget it. Any empty counter space doesn’t exist in my house and the floor just has way too much pet hair all over it. This is like the “I never cleaned an oven until I was 43” type of thing. I truly wonder if I will ever be able to master the fitted sheet folding task.

And then my son came downstairs. And because I firmly believe in the “after 7,649 tries NEXT TIME you will be sure to be successful” mantra I was once again attempting the impossible. Except this time my son stopped en route to the pizza filled fridge and watched me.

“OMG,” he responded “just give it to me.” And with that he proceeded to fold the damn sheet into a neatly squared piece of fabric. Without needing a table, floor, swear words or another person. Without having the innards of the sheet all bunched up the size of a standard pillow with a pretend outside of sorta square.

I was so shocked I never did ask him where he learned to do it. But there is one thing I know for certain – it wasn’t from me. Now, how can I get him to clean the oven?

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