Home Renovation – Part 1 involving blood

We’ve talked about our home renovation plans for years but never seemed to actually get around to it.  Some of you may remember our weekend family project of building a shed in the backyard.  While it took closer to an entire season to finish, it did turn out great:

Proof of completed Shed. Only took 3 weekends to build (Over a 7 month period!)

Proof of completed Shed. Only took 3 weekends to build (Over a 7 month period!)

Now we needed to do major work inside.  New carpeting and interior painting was simple.  But we had other plans.  Like to install laminate wood flooring in the basement.  Which meant we needed to demo some tile flooring.  This also ended up being a family project.  Both my husband and daughter made the same comment:  This reminds me of the song “Sledgehammer.”  And I thought it was pretty neat that I knew Christina meant this song and my husband meant this song.

Real Sledgehammer

Real Sledgehammer

Unfortunately despite all my precautions, I still ended up in urgent care getting stitches.  And this was irritating because:

From my son: “I KNEW you were somehow going to get hurt.”

From my husband: “Don’t bleed on the concrete.”

And this from my daughter: “Can we take your car to the ED?” (Because she just bought a brand new car).

I was so darn careful with the demo and used all the necessary protective gear – it was the throwing out the tile shards using a plastic bag that nailed me.

Floor project finished.  Bad outcome. Now Boca-cat thinks the whole basement is his newly extended killing room.  So now along with the bathroom, I get to scape dried mouse innards off laminate flooring.  We have to seriously do something.  I don’t want him thinking larger kill room = more dead vermin.

And pole wraps.  Don’t even get me started on pole wraps. On a positive note, I now have a new best friend. His name is Tony and he gets the pleasure of doing all the hard work under my supervision. Wait. We might have different definitions of pleasure.

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