Home Improvement – Part 3 (Paint, Drywall and a New Front Porch)

My daughter and I are terrible at painting. And the reason I know this is because of the following conversation:

Christina: “OMG! A SPIDER!”
Me: “Well, do something!”
Christina: “I am NOT touching it!”
Me: “Well, then just paint over it, for heavens sake”

And no one will ever know exactly where the dead, painted over spider is located.

Then there was the “paint matching exercise.” We had used one main color for the interior of the house. But then I got pissy and tired of that color so decided to switch it up in the dining room and used a different color. I really should have noted which paint went where on the outside of the cans. It took me three times but I finally matched the color. It is amazing how you really believe that “when it dries, it will match the wall.” Yeah, it didn’t.


Next was the drywall. Now, the reason I decided to try my hand at drywall was because I got to watch Tony (my new DIY guy) do drywall. Seemed simple enough. So off I went with patch pieces and drywall mud. Here is the final outcome:


If anyone ever asks – it was like that when we bought the house. (For the record, the wall was the inside of a linen closet).

Finally here is yet one more example of why my husband irritates me. He said we needed to redo the whole front porch. I told him it was a waste of money and we just needed to spruce it up with some paint.

Here is the Before Picture:


And here is the After Picture:

front house

Sigh. Okay, fine. He was right.

One response to “Home Improvement – Part 3 (Paint, Drywall and a New Front Porch)

  1. You did a super job, wow!

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