Explanation for the Dead Rabbit

I had both the downstairs flooring guys and the house painters at the house today.  My painter guy told me that the downstairs flooring guy asked how well he knew us.  When he asked why, the flooring guy said “Because there is a dead rabbit in the downstairs bathroom.”

Damn cat.

I went downstairs and sure enough, there was a good sized dead bunny in the bathroom. As I cleaned up the mess,  I apologized to the flooring guy and explained that our cat liked to bring in creatures and that was why there was a dead animal in the bathroom.

But I didn’t feel this was quite enough to vindicate our family.  So I hunted down Boca-cat who was soundly sleeping in a box in the office and shoved him down the basement stairs closing the door behind him so he would be forced to go through the pet door (and past the flooring guy).

“I saw your cat.” He said to me later.  “He is really big.”

“Yeah – well thanks for asking about the dead rabbit in the bathroom.  I would hate for you to leave thinking WTF about that.”

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