Texting with my Daughter:

Me: Casey was humping your pillow
Christina: Why weren’t you watching him?
Me: I was watching him. Watching him hump your pillow
Christina: Wow mom thanks
Me: Welcome

Me: Here
Christina: I’ll be there in a second
Me: Still Here
Christina: Still guna be there in a sec.
Me; Tick Tock
Me. Here
Christina: Mom! Stop
Me: Okay. Still here

Christina: Mom Use Headphones
Me: You are ruining my game
Christina: I’m trying to study
Me: I said okay fine.
Christina: Still hear it
Me: Damn. Fine. You just don’t want to study

Christina: Was really looking forward to your meatloaf. Too bad you f**ked it up
Me: Next time you make it.
Christina: I Can’t
Me: Well evidently I can’t either

Me: Did Cory help you study?
Christina: WHO THE F**K IS CORY? COLBY helped me study
Me: Whatever. I knew it started with a C
Christina: Need to learn rest of the letters.
Me: Nah, he won’t be around that long.
Christina: LOL

Me: Just to be clear, we are expecting you to work tomorrow
Christina: I’m sleeping in tomorrow
Me: I am too but there is work to do once we get up around noon
Christina: I will help when I wake up.
Christina: Wait. As long as it isn’t yard work.
Me: Maybe a little “yard work like.”
Christina: Dammit. I’m not going outside to pick up dog shit
Me: No, I’ll make Michael do that.

Christina: What is for dinner
Me: We can have frozen children
Christina: LOL
Me: Damn Auto correct.

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