LWL Musings #179

Got stuck in traffic for three hours this week. It sucked for everyone; especially when I saw a l-l-l-o-n-g line of vehicles backed up at an exit and just sailed on past wondering “Why is everyone getting off?” But my favorite was the guy in the truck who tooted his horn, moved across three lanes of traffic, parked his truck on the shoulder of the highway and ran into the brush next to the highway. Hey! When you gotta go, you gotta go.

From my husband getting pissed off in a parking lot: “You don’t deserve to be honked at. You are so stupid you put a trailer hitch on a Porsche.”

My son didn’t come home last Tuesday. So I called him at 6:15 am on Wednesday to make sure he was up and ready to go to work. He was royally pissed: “MOM! I am 21 years old! YOU DO NOT have to call me to make sure I am up.” Yeah, he may have been pissed, but that statement totally made my day.

I backed out of the driveway this morning and hit the neighbor’s mailbox. Just a tap, really. And the neighbor guy was cool about it. It was my son’s fault because he pulled in front of me. I texted my husband. His response: “Of course you did.” And he wonders why he irritates me.

Had to go to the laundry mat this afternoon. As I was finishing up a young guy came in and put his clothes in the dryer. I tried really hard not to but finally gave in. I put dryer sheets in his dryer and then left.

We had a tornado warning this week. First of all, my cell phone started beeping which pissed me off until I realized it was a weather alert. Christina had to run home and get her and the dogs into the interior bathroom. Abbey didn’t want to go unless food was involved (it is a REALLY SMALL bathroom). I don’t know why Christina did not take the opportunity to give Abbey a bath in the walk-in shower while she was in there with her. Then again, I remember when she was in 5th grade and made such a big deal that I “made her take a shower” when there was a thunderstorm. Such a baby.

BTW, our house has sold! But MOST IMPORTANT?  The damn riding lawn mower is gone. The guy wanted to make sure it worked so my husband cut a big ass circle in the front yard. Then we left the next day. I hope they lose all our stuff that we put in storage. We have way too much and with a plan to definitely downsize it would be greatly appreciated.

I kept telling Christina that when we moved into our rental house she would have to share a bathroom with her brother. She was so pissed. So she was very pleased to find out that she actually had her own bathroom. Just the right size to sit in during a tornado warning and give the dog a bath.

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