Stories of Christmas Past

Make no mistake. Putting the tree up and taking it down every year has always been seen as a chore to me. And for some reason this was supposed to be my job. Christmas 1999:  My husband and I got into a huge fight over taking down the Christmas tree. So I threw away all the cheap Wal-Mart ornaments, took a pair of scissors and cut off all the lights and then dragged the damn thing out to the road for trash day. I so totally won that one. (Note: whoever invented the pre-lit artificial Christmas trees will always have my undying gratitude!)Tree Fail

10 years into our marriage. A debate that no one could EVER foresee: When I grew up, Santa’s gifts were all wrapped and under the tree with the tag “To Lori / From Santa.” When Michael grew up, Santa did not wrap his presents and just left them under the tree. We had to reconcile this with our kids. Here are the debate notes:

  • Michael said that when you see Santa with a bag of toys, they are not wrapped; I showed him a picture where they were wrapped.
  • Michael said they would know they were from us because it would be the same wrapping paper, I told him our kids were too stupid to figure that out – well, okay maybe until age 7 or 8 anyway.
  • I said it was more fun for the kids to open gifts rather than just see them.
  • Michael said you never see elves wrapping presents.

So we compromised and did both. A few presents were left unwrapped and the rest wrapped. Just to clarify; despite this heated parental debate, our kids didn’t really give a damn one way or another.Car

Favorite Christmas Memory: Got kids one of those big plastic cars when they were little. Michael (age 2) was so excited he immediately got inside and pretended to drive it. Then Christina (age 4) saw it and pushed him completely out of the car onto the floor and took over driving it.

Christmas cookie fail:


What? You don’t like the “Cookie Speedo” look?

To this day my daughter is STILL PISSED that we, okay “I,” quit doing Christmas stockings for the kids the year my son turned 18. Told her it was a Judge Family Rule. But in hindsight probably what pissed her off the most was that the pets still got their stocking every year.  (I mean if you have a fireplace you have to have some kind of stocking up, right?)

And this annual favorite:PC231073.JPG

Because I always get EXACTLY what I want for Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Wonderful Dec 25th to everyone!

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