Reflecting on 2015

It is with mixed feelings that I end 2015. In hindsight I really can’t decide if the year was a good one or not. Which is weird, right? I mean, either you have a good year or you don’t. Either good things happened most of the year or they didn’t. Either your 20-something children moved out of the house or they didn’t (or they did and then moved back and how exactly does that fit into the good vs. bad definitions?) So the best I can figure is that it must have been a truly 50/50 year for me. Meaning that I had 50% of good and 50% of bad. But then I kept thinking about it and maybe it was really 70% good and 30% bad. Or maybe 42.6% good, 39.6% mediocre and 17.8% bad. Then again, maybe I am just really over thinking the whole thing.

We all have had years where we simply CANNOT WAIT for them to be over. As soon as the November holidays hit all we think about is getting to Jan 1st and that New Year so we can officially begin the “do over” and go onward to better days.

And I am truly thankful for 2015 for the following reasons:

  • We moved south. And once again both myself and my husband landed good jobs. And moved all three pets with no one getting seriously hurt or unintentionally left behind in Tennessee with our good friends, Jeff and Julie.
  • My kids decided to leave Ohio as well. Which they didn’t have to. Because they are officially adults. I am glad to know that the mom and dad safety net syndrome is alive and well.
  • My husband’s midlife crisis was relatively minor resulting in the purchase of a new Camaro and adding stupid crap to it.
  • Both kids were employed (although not in college. I try to think positive but I also simply cannot get my head around two kids who have college funds and elect not to use them).
  • We sold our house within one week of listing it for sale. (Our real estate agent that we selected by randomly calling a local agency sent us a food gift basket for Christmas).

So I think I am ending 2015 on a good note overall. I am going to lean toward the positive for the year. And I truly understand that there are others who are not leaving 2015 feeling like it was a good one for many valid reasons. I have been there myself a year or two.

No real resolutions for me. If you don’t commit you won’t fail. Besides New Year’s resolutions are so overrated. I would prefer a Flag Day pledge (I did a pun!) Flag Day is on June 14th. I will forever be grateful to a guy I dated in college named Randy who was born on Flag Day. Maybe one day that little bit of information will come in handy and I will win one milleeon dollars!

Happy New Year and may 2016 be the best year of your life!

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