“Casserole” is NOT a bad word!

So maybe I have a small reputation of not being a good cook.  I honestly believe that I have some talent somewhere related to cooking. I have learned from watching various cooking shows that you really should season food and OMG! avoid using truffle oil at all costs. I do season food but never seem to do it enough or use the right seasonings to make it tasty. Since this is a new year and my family has decided to quit eating out so often and start making dinners every evening, I have some real challenges ahead of me.

I tend to get addicted to specific kinds of food. In the past I would eat Wendy’s Berry Salad, Max and Erma’s Chicken Tortilla soup and Panera Broccoli soup as my only daily food source and never get tired of it. And I am talking FOR MONTHS here. Not just a fad and move on. (Alas there is no Max & Erma’s in my state. Furthermore, the recipe on the Internet for their soup was just awful. I should have known that as soon as I saw “Velveeta Cheese” on the ingredient list).

Right now I am fixated on a Wendy’s Half Size Pecan Apple Chicken Salad with two sides of ranch dressing and 5 sides of pecans. The bad part is I would immediately remove the chicken and give it to the dogs. I’ll tell you one thing: I sure do have two very excited dogs every time I walk in the house with a Wendy’s salad bag.

I simply have to figure out how to make this salad at home. Which sucks mainly because of the pecans. I only like Wendy’s pecans. Kind of like this blog when I spent a whole lot of effort and money trying to duplicate Wendy’s salad dressing. So what I currently have is 14 different kinds of store bought pecans and none of them match Wendy’s. But I am going to try and wean myself off their salad. I mean I totally get it – between my daily $5.00 Starbucks and $8.72 Wendy’s salad, that is $13.72 per day. And you multiply that by say 25 days you get… Oh just nevermind. I already have one husband; don’t need another one talking in my head.  I really am going to do better.

This brings me to my favorite food of all: CASSEROLES! I LOVE to make casseroles. I mean, you throw some food together and stick it in the oven for an hour or so and WOILA! Dinner. Unfortunately they don’t always turn out so great. No one else but me appreciates my hamburger, green bean, cheddar cheese, mashed potato casserole. My Mexican casserole is pretty good (which means 2 out of 3 family members will actually eat it) and I am still trying to perfect my homemade chicken pot pie. Problem is the only vegetable we like is green beans. Can you officially have a pot pie if it is just chicken, cream of chicken soup and green beans? Even better question – how in the heck does Abbey eat all the leftovers and still manage to leave all the green beans in the bottom of her bowl?

At any rate, I am going to propose a plan that everyone has to make a meal twice per week. That way maybe my feelings won’t be hurt when my son saunters into the kitchen at dinnertime, asks what’s for dinner and then goes out and gets a $5.00 pizza. So please feel free to forward any casserole recipes to me.  In the meantime, I’ll be searching the Internet for those damn Wendy pecans.


2 responses to ““Casserole” is NOT a bad word!

  1. I love your blog, Lori. BTW for the best pecans, try Premium Georgia pecans roasted with sea salt. Or Anna and Sarah’s shelled Georgia pecans – from Amazon. Re: Casseroles Seems like I remember when your favorite easy meal to serve was Hamburger Helper. However; that was in the long-ago days. Love you, girl.

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