LWL Musings #48

Thoughts from a parking lot:

Have you ever been slowly cruising through a parking lot looking for that JUST PERFECT parking spot? And then you see a car back out but as they are backing out they don’t see you and are poised to hit your car.

When this happened to me, I beeped my horn. They kept backing up. Then I noticed the car backing up was full of dents and driven by a very young driver. So then I LEANED on my horn and definitely got their attention.

But it made me think. Would we have been such a defensive driver if it were an elderly driver in a expensive car? Just saying it’s a thought. And I did say the proverbial “we.”

(A parking lot term I really like and use a lot is VFR. It means Very Front Row in parking lot lingo. Usually you are very lucky to get a VFR or you can yell to the driver, “There’s a VFR over there!” while pointing across the lot to those very coveted spaces.  Which for some reason is extremely annoying to my husband).

About spelling:

Do you ever type in Word and you know you don’t know how to spell a word so you just type it in phonetically thinking that spell check will help you get the correct spelling? But then you have the red line and when you click on it you get (No spelling suggestions). And so you try to incorrectly respell it a few times thinking word will eventually get it but you keep getting the same response. Then in total frustration, you go to Review – Thesaurus and put in a synonymous word you can spell hoping the results will bring up the correct spelling of the word you are looking for. And then that doesn’t work so you have to go to google and see if you’ll get a response of “Did you mean…”

The whole process can be so strenuous (Corrected by spellcheck, also found in Thesaurus under exhausting and google will figure out how to correctly spell no matter how poorly you spell it)

And finally a thought about flat tires:

If you ever get a flat tire, don’t freak out and put like 4 cans of “Fix-a-Flat” in it so you can drive 10 minutes to your local tire store.  Because when you get there, it will be impossible for the tire guy to find the leak. No matter how much you argue and even show him pictures.  Which means you will have to drive on a tire that you know damn well has a slow leak for two more days until it starts to go flat again.  (Which does speak well for Fix-a-Flat; do you think they would hire me for endorsement purposes?)



One response to “LWL Musings #48

  1. VFR, now that made me laugh! My first parking lot lingo word, thanks for that Lori. I will let you know how it goes the first time I use it.

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