Headlines and New Stories that make you go WTF?


This Photo of a Potato Sold for $1 Million  (Online E News from Chris Fuhrmeister, Jan 4, 2016)

   Now tell me how pissed you would be if I did not include the photo of the reported $1,000,000 potato.

Potato for one million

One meelion dollar tato

Perhaps maybe not as pissed as seeing the actual stupid picture of a potato?


54-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Granddaughter (Lisa Johnson Mandell; Jan 8, 2016)

Note to daughter. Not in a million F**king years.


Man tosses alligator through Wendy’s drive-thru (MSN.com 2-10-16)

It is so irritating when the story after the headline is not detailed enough to answer all my questions:

  1. Was it a big alligator?
  2. Was it the alligator that pissed the person off or the Wendy’s worker?
  3. Was it tossed before or after he received his Wendy’s meal order?
  4. Did it have a name?
  5. If you were the worker and got bit by the alligator, would you be eligible for workers compensation?


An excerpt of the article below was delivered on 7 January, 2016 at the Royal Institution (Ri) in Mayfair, London by Stephen Hawking:

During the lecture, Hawking asserts that it may be possible to fall into a black hole and emerge in another universe. But he added that it would have to be a large, spinning black hole, and a return trip back to our own universe would not be possible.

I mean, who wants to go through a “small spinning black hole?”  I can’t even make it through an MRI without Valium.  However, I would do it – anyone else want to join?  Just think of the the bon voyage parties we can have.  Especially since we won’t have to worry about paying back all the credit cards.


 Husband Keeps Lottery Win A Secret From His Wife ( ABC News Videos 2:59 mins 1-7-16)

Missouri man won $2 million in the lottery last month, but kept the win a secret to surprise his wife on Christmas day.

Now this is absolutely not what I expected this article to be about.  My initial thought was “Yea, Baby! Why wouldn’t he keep it from his wife? Like in a separate bank account and maybe only let his sister know about it in case he died. Then use it to buy really stupid stuff.” (I imagine it would be pretty easy to go through $2 million dollars. I bet I could do it in less than one year).  But Oh No, had to be a pussy-whipped husband.


Judge weighs suit on drugs in executions 10-2015

“You’re in deer season almost,” Griffen said. “Now how would a firing squad not be reasonably available?” (I don’t remember where I got this from – betting it was from some publication from the South)  Disclaimer:  I am Switzerland.


Man on motorized wheelchair in Kroger given DUI citation  (Associated Press, 1-13-2016 11:16 am)

I hope he was buying alcohol.

A Magazine:

G & G

Garden & Gun Magazine (Feb/Mar 2016 Issue)

Now, I am going to subscribe to this magazine. I mean, who doesn’t want to randomly say, “Well, I read in my Garden and Gun magazine that at the end of summer, watermelons make for great target practice.”   And have them all over my house so visitors can go WTF? (And then secretly read it because WTF?!)


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