Cop Story #1

 We recently purchased a truck. Yep, so now we get to drive ‘round town in an ‘ole truck (feel free to say that using a very southern accent). We weren’t looking very hard for a truck, but there were just too many times when we could really use one and by luck we happened to come across a truck that was a good deal.

So we met the seller of said truck at our bank, signed all the necessary papers and voila! Official truck owners! Afterwards, the seller went to the truck in the parking lot of the bank and removed his license plate tag.

“What happens if you get pulled over driving the truck without a tag?” I asked my husband.

“I seriously doubt that would happen since I am just going from here right to the DMV but I have all the paperwork that shows we just bought the truck so I can’t imagine it would be a problem,” he answered.

Most famous last words, right?

Sure enough – driving along our rural roads of Ohio where they are way over staffed with local police officers driving brand new cars who have nothing better to do – he got pulled over for driving a vehicle without a license.

My husband immediately began explaining to the officer that he had just purchased the truck, was on his way to DMV and “would you like to see the loan paperwork?”

Nothing. I mean, according to my husband, you could just hear the pretty little birds chirping in the background and imagine the officer scratching his head.

“You know you need a license plate to operate a vehicle on Ohio roads and you should have gotten that taken care of before you bought the vehicle, sir.” (I am adding the sir just because he was so stupid it feels right. You know, a stupid but respectful officer)

My husband calmly explained to the officer: “Well, I couldn’t exactly get a tag because I didn’t officially own the truck, right? And the seller wasn’t going to let me keep HIS tag because isn’t that against the law so you understand I have no choice but drive it without a tag and I was going straight from the bank to the DMV to get it and here is all the documentation that I just purchased the truck not 15 minutes ago for proof…”

“Well, I have never heard of that story before,” the cop answered. “All I can tell you is that you need a tag to lawfully operate a vehicle. It doesn’t matter that you just bought it.”

Now, at this point my husband had the mantra of: “Do not hit the officer and get arrested, my wife will kill me; do not hit the officer and get arrested, my wife will kill me” going on in his head.

So he decided to do a Denzel Washington and explain it to the officer like he was kindergartner:

“Well, if I HAD to do that, I would have to get a tow truck and then pay to have the truck towed to the DMV to get the tags. Now, that doesn’t make much sense, right? I mean, the truck is driveable” (Pause here for response from officer. Hearing none …)

“Umm, maybe there is someone higher up that you can call?” My husband politely asked, still thinking “Do not hit the officer, do not hit the officer, DO NOT hit the officer…”

Now, this got the ole officer a bit riled up – probably based on the fact that he obviously didn’t have a good answer. (I’m just guessing here).

“You do know I could arrest you right now and impound this truck, right?” the officer replied.

So my husband wisely said nothing and just looked at the guy. Officer Dick finally hitched up his pants, told my husband that he had better go DIRECTLY to the DMV and he would definitely give him a ticket if he caught him driving the truck without a tag.

And I was so proud of my husband; he didn’t hit the officer.

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