Cop Story #2

My daughter was robbed.  And boy was she pissed. Have to admit, the robber was pretty smooth and obviously experienced.  Christina went to the movie with her friend, Austin.  She had her purse in the empty seat next to her and next to that seat was a younger girl with lots of pockets.

Christina was total engrossed in the movie (I forget which one it was, sorry) and about 40 minutes into it, she reached into her purse next to her to get her chap stick. Except there was no chap stick. And wait a minute, why was her wallet in the wrong pocket? She immediately freaked out and told Austin someone had gotten into her purse. She looked all around the floor and in the seat.  Nothing. Looked in the wallet and sure enough, her money and credit cards were missing.  Along with her chap stick.

So she went out in the lobby and got the movie theater cop guy and explained it to him. She called me all upset and immediately stated: “Dad’s credit card was taken, too.”  All I had to do was repeat this single sentence and my husband paused the show he was watching on TV, walked into the office, turned on the PC, went to the bank website and reported the card stolen. All within 5 minutes. Because that is the kind of guy he is.

Christina believed the girl sitting next to her stole her stuff.  The officer had both Austin and the girl come out from the movie and questioned them.  The girl emptied her pockets and did not have Christina’s cards.  Of course Austin was not suspected.  So there was nothing to do.  Christina wanted to personally search “the bitch” (her words, not mine) but of course that was not an option.

The officer then asked Christina what exactly was stolen.

“Two credit cards; one from My Bank and the other from My Dad’s Bank, my ID, almost $20 in cash and my chap stick.”

The officer dutifully wrote down all of this information. Then asked Christina if she remembered anything else of value that was missing.

“Oh yeah, I had a coupon for $2.00 off a pizza,” she replied.

The officer replied that that really wasn’t of value to document.

Which pissed Christina off even more because in her mind a $2.00 off coupon for pizza was definitely more valuable than a used container of chap stick.

So moral of story – if you do bring your purse into a movie theater and put it in the seat next to you, remember to keep all those pizza coupons in a safe place.

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