LWL Musings #71

I swear I can’t prove it, but I know my son borrowed my car this past weekend and drove it to New Orleans.  Seriously, how else could he go through an entire tank of gas in one day?

Hurrah!  My daughter FINALLY got a part-time retail job.  What I simply cannot understand is that she had three (3) THREE! Interviews before she was offered the position.  Now, I don’t want to question this too deeply, but I got my job after one interview.  I’m just hoping I am getting paid more.

Watched a very good TV documentary on Michael Jackson the other day.  Surprised to find out that the song “Ben” was about a demented rat. Because that song was one of my go-to lullabies I would sing to my kids at bedtime.  I already know how this is going to play out.  Now they are going to tell me that they have been subliminally forever scarred  because I sang a lullaby about a demon rat to them before they fell asleep when they were babies.

Driving home the other day I saw a license plate that said PFRSKIN.  Took me a minute because the word “Skin” totally engrossed me.  Then I realized:  Foreskin.  Eeeewwww.  Just Eeewwwww.  How did that get past DMV and why was an old lady driving the car??

I was in Wal-Mart the other day and went by the garden center.  Now here is my thought:  We are currently living in a way over priced rental which we will leave as soon as our one year lease is up.  So maybe I should go ahead and buy all those dandy potato, onion, squash, pumpkin and rhubarb starter plants and plant them all over in the backyard.  Hopefully they grow like crazy after we leave – you know sort of like a good-bye gift to the rental.

Another bit of backyard trivia.  If I do not pick up pet poop from the backyard regularly, I end up with four grocery bags full of crap. (Literally)  But my biggest issue is whether to put it in the recycle bin or regular trash bin for disposal.

I think it is becoming obsessive with me.  I was at the laundry mat this past weekend (BTW, hair dye WILL DEFINITELY NOT come out of bathroom rugs so don’t even bother; just throw the damn thing out) and was compelled to offer dryer sheets to everyone who didn’t have any.  Not only did I give the rest of the box to the mom with three kids, I left a pile next to the dryers and told everyone else to help themselves.

Forgot where I parked my car in a 4 level car garage. Had to use my clicker lock key thingy about a million times as I attempted to locate it.  I swear my car was moving all over the place on purpose as I walked around trying to follow the stupid beeping noise. Only old people forget where they parked their damn car.

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