Trash Withdrawal

Friends who know me know that I have two main obsessions:  Trash and collecting boxes. Now the reason for both of these obsessions are beyond me and definitely not worthy of  therapy but now that I have a new trash service, I am having a hard time.

Of course the first thing I did when we moved to our new city was to go online and learn all about how trash pick up would work.  That was my first step into knowing there would be an issue. Because trash pickup consisted of this:


Two cans. That’s it. Two cans

Now for those who may not have a history , here is what I am used to:


Ohio Trash Day

I mean really – top picture – No challenge at all.  Bottom picture – trash day art.

So my new current trash practice is to have two garbage cans:


One for trash; one for recyclables

And there are rules:

  • No bottles in recycle UNLESS you use the small blue container and if  you do, it will go out on Thursday with regular trash
  • Do not use bags when putting items in the recyclable bin.
  • Make sure top of each lid completely closes
  • Recycle pick up is Monday; Regular trash day is Thurs.
  • Any yard work must be place in paper bags (available at any local Wal-Mart or Home Improvement Store) and pick  up is on Thursday
  • Anything that cannot fit in either trash bin must be taken to the local dump (I mean, landfill)
  • There will be no trash pick up on any day that even remotely appears to be a holiday.

So here I am.  Two damn containers that get picked up by a mechanical arm from a garbage truck where the driver doesn’t even have to get out of the driver’s seat. All I can do is remember the wonderful relationship I  had in Ohio with Mike, our refuse associate. He came every Monday between 8:30 and 8:45 am.  I would even go outside and help him on overflow days and when we moved, I gave him a gift card to BWW as a parting gift.

That part of my life is now over. So I still get to haul out a stupid bin to the road and make sure the “Front points to the street” in accordance with the arrows on top. And I still get to constantly move items from trash to the recycle basket in the kitchen. I was worried that the containers would be way too small but luckily that hasn’t been a huge issue. And I really don’t miss the long drive way haul.

But that’s about it. All I know is that maybe I can start a new relationship with one of the workers at our local landfill.











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