Battle of the Sausage Biscuit

Eventually you reach a time in your life when you believe you are done with sibling rivalry.  Because when your children become young adults, they no longer have to share the toys in the sandbox.

Evidently Sausage Biscuits do not apply.

One sibling steals the box of sausage biscuits from the freezer that the other sibling planned on eating for breakfast.

Here is the resulting text message. And because I believe no profanity should ever be used when discussing sausage biscuits, let’s just replace all swear words with the words “Copper Squat.”  And in Sibling Child #1 defense, all she wanted to do was get up, get ready for class and eat a sausage biscuit with her morning cup of coffee and caramel macchiato coffee creamer.

Sibling Child #1: Your piece of Copper Squat son took the whole Copper Squat box of sausage biscuits out of the fridge.  I want my own fridge with a Copper Squatting lock in my Copper Squat room.

Me: Have a toaster strudel (what was I thinking?)

Sibling Child #1:  He’s a selfish Copper Squat.  This is ridiculous. Tell him to stop taking all our Copper Squatting food. What is the point of him moving out if he can’t afford to buy his own Copper Squat food?

Me: Buy a McDonald’s biscuit, I’ll pay you back.

Sibling Child #1: I don’t have any money. Dad said he will buy more when he goes to Wal-Mart.

Me to Sibling Child #2:  When taking food from the fridge you need to leave at least one sausage biscuit for your sibling.

Sibling Child #2: Sorry.


Here is how I look at this:  My son doesn’t live at home anymore and as a 21-year-old, food is pretty much a low priority. Especially when he drives right by mom and dad’s house on his way to work. So when his bank account is running low (defined – zero balance), he comes home to find food.  Like a little raccoon scavenger (or as his sister lovingly calls him – A Copper Squatter), he steals bagel bites, shredded cheese and all the spices we bought at the Amish Farmer’s Market (that one is for my husband).

All I know is that I am Copper Squatting tired of dealing with it.


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