The Annual Vet Trip

You can only ignore those cute animal post cards from your vet for so long.  And then when you get the third one (because you do have three pets, after all) you finally break down and make the appointments. Except it isn’t that simple.

You have three pets.  Two not so bad and one that you know in advance is going to be HORRIBLY behaved. So you really have to think about it. You immediately know this will be a two trip vet visit.  Because successfully managing all three at one time would take a ton of Valium and even then there would still be some kind of fallout.  So you have to think it through:  Should I take the small dog and cat? Or the big dog and cat?  Or both dogs?

It ultimately worked out as first visit with the cat and then the two dogs scheduled an hour later.

Boca won the award for best behaved, as usual.  He went into the pet carrier with minimal fuss (you could almost hear him say: “Dammit, fine.  Hurry up and let’s get this over with.”) He came out of the carrier with so much coolness that everyone in the exam room had to comment on it. Surprisingly he has actually lost a pound and now has an official weight of 17 lbs.  I thought for sure he was hitting close to 20 pounds and now feel rather guilty for calling him fat. I sure wish that would happen to me when I get weighed at the doctors.


Winner – Best Behaved at the Vet

Taking Casey and Abbey together is exhausting. First of all, just letting them see their collars and leash results in so much excitement that you need to make sure they pee first.  Then it’s a struggle to get them to settle down to get their collars on. While there is definitely no problem getting them into the car, it is the leaving of the car that can be tricky.  Because they both want out at the exact same time. Abbey worries that she is going to be left in the car and Casey just wants to run around and pee on EVERYTHING.

Abbey was so excited to see two Shepard dogs in the waiting area that she barked.  Which she never does. She is such the needy little neighborhood dog that no one wants to play with. I really need to find another dog to go on play dates with her.

And when the vet staff start to make comments on how cute Casey is, my daughter is quick to respond with, “Uh-uh.  No, DO NOT praise him or say anything nice. He is a brat and does not deserve it.”  But you still can’t help it.  He’s too cute.

All three needed shots and the heart worm, flea and tick treatment. Boca had a bit of an ear thing going on.  He is so going to enjoy getting drops in his ear for the next week. I mean, we are so going to enjoy giving him those ear drops for the next week. Abbey is great – I am working so hard on keeping her weight down because Golden Retrievers truly believe that they are STARVING all the time!  Casey is 13 and has issues. I hope he appreciates it when we give him filet mignon just so we can get him to take his stupid seizure pill. Yes, we are THAT type of pet parents.  To this day, Christina truly believes that Casey sometimes refuses to take his pill just to irritate her.  She gives him way too much credit to even think  he is that smart. (I remember when he was a year old and we took him to the vet. Then 10-year-old Christina said that Casey was faking limping on his back leg. You could tell the vet wanted to laugh as he told her that dogs “can’t really ever do that.”)

The vet called Casey’s script in to the pharmacy.  When I went to pick it up I pulled out my benny credit card (which is the only card I use there).  The clerk waiting on me told it was declined.  When I realized I was picking up medication for Casey I pulled out my other credit card.  “Do you think they knew it was for a dog?” I said.  “Well,” he replied, “the script is made out to ‘Casey the dog.'”

So the annual vet trip is over. Now all we have to do is wait for is for my husband to see the bill.

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