Viva Las Vegas!

I think I probably used the same title on a different blog but I am too lazy to go back and look and it’s my blog so there you go.

My husband and I just got back from a week-long trip to Vegas. Because anyone would love to go to Vegas during July when the temperature averages 110 degrees during the day, right?  Thank heavens the casinos know to keep it super cool and a special shout out to the Michael Jackson slot machine in the Venetian for giving me $342.00. (Which was quickly pissed away in the Wheel. Of. Fortune. game).

So here are the highlights of the week:

  • Always make a trip to the Bellagio for crepes and to walk the lovely atrium.  This time there was a nautical theme:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I was told by a flower person that the flowers have to be replaced every 2 weeks and the greenery can last up to a month.  And all I could think was “Oooooh, Flipper!” (I think that is Linda’s hand in the lower left corner.  May be wrong).

  • There is also this real snooty shop next to the atrium.  They had this for sale:

    $2,600 for whatever it was

    I couldn’t decide if it was a planter base or a real ugly wastebasket.  The fact that the large one cost $2,600 and the small one cost $1,300 definitely made me decide it didn’t go with the decor in our master bath.

  • Amanda.  Our pool waitress.  She was gorgeous.  Obviously a body builder, very tanned, so polite and prompt.  And gave my husband a pineapple juice and Bacardi but kind of forgot about the juice. My husband said she probably got lots of tips.  I said yeah, as I tipped her $10 bucks for a $7 drink. I was smitten.
  • Was I the only one who noticed that Elvis’ shirt matched the curtains?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And yes, he did sing Viva Las Vegas to us.
  • I had the distinct feeling that this slot machine was definitely pro-female.  Game2

Just in case you don’t get it, here is a close up during the bonus round:Game1

  • My husband took me out to a very romantic and expensive dinner on the strip.  Of course I had to point out the awesome view of the homeless young man sleeping on the sidewalk. It was so encouraging to see people drop off bottles of water next to him. Sadly he did not wake up. But he moved so that was a good thing.

As always, there was the issue of the the time difference. When we got there “Wow! Is it really only midnight?  It feels like it should be 3:00 am!  Wait.”  And then it really sucked having to get used to getting up for work at 5:30 am when we got home the very next day to go to work. “It’s 2:30 am! My body yelled at me. WTF!”

We are off to Orlando to the Disney resort for our next vacation later in the year.  Maybe we’ll experience “It’s a Small World” again in memory of our kids. I can still remember my 2-year-old son waving hello back to all the little fake people during the entire ride.


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