Time to go Cabrewing!

My daughter informed my husband and I that she had specifically requested the weekend off in order to plan a “Family Fun Day.” First of all, I was flattered that she wanted to actually spend time with mom and dad; kind of like the Sally Field “She likes me!  She really, really likes me!” quote. My second thought was that I could not believe she had included her brother with this proposal.

We decided to go cabrewing down a local river.  For those of you who do not have 20-somethings in your life, cabrewing means you canoe down a river drinking beer.  For those like myself who do not drink beer, the term would be cateaing, I guess.

We didn’t start out too well because it was discovered before leaving that my son had drunk all but three of the beers that had been purchased for my daughter for the trip.  He did try to make it up to her by making her sandwich and told her he felt bad. He offered her his beer but I guess there is a difference.  Myself – I have no idea. All beer tastes the same to me.

We had to drive over an hour to the river.  The place that rented our canoes would drop us off at one site and then we would canoe down river for 4.5 miles and be picked up at a different site and returned to our car.

My husband and I went in one canoe and my son and daughter were in the other. Both of us held a cooler full of food and beer along with the totally waterproof and compact plastic bag and boxes to hold the important stuff. In hindsight I wonder why my husband’s towel and shirt ended up in the special bag and mine ended up on the floor of the canoe.

It was a lovely day.  The 94 day felt like 110 degrees but it simply did not matter.  The water was great and clear and we stopped off to cool off and jump off boulders and rope swings. (Just my son, actually – no one else felt that brave).  There was one boulder that my son swam to and jumped off about three times.  I decided to swim across the river and join him.

As I started across the expanse of the river, I felt so proud of myself and said: “Go Lori! You are so in shape and can actually swim across this freakin’ river!” Ten seconds later, the voice inside my head said: “WTF were you thinking? You are so going to drown and die out here.”  I did make it across and gave a feeble thumbs up to my husband.  I could just feel his thought message to me that I should have taken the damn life jacket.  I totally psyched myself for the swim back and this time didn’t think but just SWAM.  The worst part about the whole thing was that just 10 yards ahead of us the water was low enough that you could have walked across.

I wish I could tell the story of how the kids tipped their canoe over and all their stuff went floating down the river but alas, it was the parents who tipped. I should amend that to say that it was my husband who caused us to tip because as we hit some super turbulent water rapids he yelled at me: “Use the paddle! Get us away from the middle!”  Which translated to me as: “Get your life jacket, we are going to tip over!” Afterwards we thought it was pretty funny and I was pretty impressed that my husband was able to swim  upriver after getting the floating paddles. Remember, I was the one who could barely make it across a narrow river.

We were the last ones to arrive back to the pick up site. Everyone got sunburned.  My kids weren’t speaking to each other and my husband was barely speaking to me as well. Half of our beer had to be fished out of the water and most of our food got water-logged. None of our lighters worked. It was definitely one of the best Family Fun Days we have had!



One response to “Time to go Cabrewing!

  1. Linda Slattery

    Aahhhh, those beautiful family fun trips. Aren’t they just so special? Whether it be nearly drowning in a shallow river or fishing the beer out of the river side by side, nothing can take away those happy days. And as the kids ride back home in complete silence, they ponder over the amazing day they had. Wow. How sweet.

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