LWL Headline Review

Engineers have created edible electronics that taste like cheese  (MSN online news 05-24-16)

Don’t kid yourself – all they did was wrap American cheese slices around these teeny, tiny electronic pieces that you can poop out later. 

Search continues after 2 large rodents escape zoo  (By The Associated Press May 26, 2016, Toronto)

I didn’t get past the “The animals, native to South Africa, are the world’s largest rodents. They weigh about 30 pounds each and could grow to 100 pounds.”  If I saw a rat that was that large, I would be screaming like a little girl and immediately lock myself in the bathroom. I guess the large rodents decided they didn’t like their new home.


I have absolutely nothing to say.

Thirty-Person Melee at Walmart Caught on Video (NBC News online -July 7, 2016)

Four people were arrested this weekend after a 30-person fight broke out in an upstate New York Wal-Mart, authorities said. The brawl was allegedly started over an insult about a woman’s dress.

For additional information, go to Peopleofwalmart.com

See How Olympic Gymnastic Leotards Have Changed Through the Years  (Instyle online news Aug 4, 2016 by BruB Draguca)

Must have been a slow news day. I think if the editor gave me this story to research, I would be a bit pissed.


Well, I would have to give him points for not pissing it all away like so many others have done. Probably should have invested it in a good marijuana farm.

Burglary suspect dies after 68-year-old homeowner tapes him to a Tree (by Peter Holley, Washington Post, July 31, 2016)

The Alabama homeowner had been robbed several times, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He set a trap using masking tape, electrical wire and a clothesline.

Only in Alabama, right?

Police: Couple chained woman’s 16-year-old grandson to his bed  (The Associated Press, 6-7-16)

Now, I do totally realize this is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  But anyone who has raised a teenage boy cannot read this and kind of understand doing this.

After all: Boy + Teenager = Stupid



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