Not Bank Fraud; Just Bad Parenting

You know when you have a phone call that you know you need to make but you just keep putting it off?  I recently had one of those.  It was a phone call to the Fraud Department of my bank.

And the reason there was no rush was because the account in question was our throw away account; the one we use for online purchases and the card we give to our kids. We keep a very limited  amount of money in the account.  There is no way either of our children would EVER have access to our main bank account.  And just to be absolutely sure, THAT  account is kept in a totally different bank altogether.

But back to the phone call:

Me:  You left a message that there was a fraud alert on my card?

Bank:  Yes…we left that message over three weeks ago…

Me:  Yeah. Okay. What’s up with the card?

Bank:  Well, evidently someone tried to access cash using the PIN number of the card. There was $200 removed on August 12, 2016 from a bank on Main Street.

Me:  Okay, that was my son (in fairness to him, I do vaguely remember him needing a large amount of cash and I totally feel horrible that I don’t remember why because I totally should. But I don’t).

Bank: After the $200 withdrawal, there was six more attempts to remove cash using the same PIN number.  And then later that same day at a different bank on Jones St, there were 7 more attempts to withdraw cash.  Due to this, we suspended the card and issued a fraud alert.

(Okay, at this point I am thinking this is pretty damn funny.  Because obviously my son REALLY wanted the money and wasn’t going to give up after six messages declining the card and actually drove to another bank to try seven more times. I wish he had that much persistence on other aspects of his life. And as a disclosure, I should probably mention that we do have a $200 maximum daily withdrawal on the card on purpose to just limit such occasions by anyone. Obviously it works).

Me: Nope, not fraud, you can turn the card back on.

Bank: But that is a total of 13 attempts to withdrawn cash from your account on the same day.

Me: No, really. It’s okay. It was my son. It was legit.

Bank: I can issue a new card if you would like…

Me:  It’s all good. Do you want to know my mother’s grandmother’s maiden name, time of my birth and my favorite reality TV show to validate?

Bank:  No. If you’re sure…

Me:  Yep. Thanks.

Obviously this bank guy has no experience with young adults.  And I need to ask Michael why he needed hundreds of dollars. And it had better be for a legit purpose.


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