My Knee Surgery

I just had knee surgery.  Which wasn’t really that bad.  It was an outpatient procedure done on a Wednesday, post op on a Friday and back to work on a Tuesday.  So pretty minimal, I think.

When I went for my pre-op visit, Dr V gave me the usual before surgery litany of do’s and don’t s.  I was fine with everything except I told him I had to shave.  He said, “No, you don’t.  Look. I’ve already seen your stubby legs so now there is no reason to shave them.”  And he was right. Whew. Got out of that chore.  But I probably should cut my toenails. Amazing stuff you think of when you are scheduled for surgery.

One of the more important things was food. I knew I was going to be shut up for a few days and wanted to make sure I had plenty of comfort food available.  The problem is that I have two kids at home who also really like comfort foods.  So I had to do this:


My husband took me to the surgery center.  The entire process was fine until I woke up in recovery. If someone had told me that as soon as I opened my eyes I would be sent home; well, I would have just kept sleeping. Because once I opened my eyes, I immediately had a chirpy happy voice say, “Good! You’re awake!  Let’s get up and dressed and you can go home now!”  All I wanted to do was sleep.  Seriously I cannot remember getting dressed or getting into the car.  I do remember falling into bed once I got home. And slept the rest of the day.

I was supposed to use crutches. Which is a really bad thing for people like me with no coordination. So after the first time I almost tripped,  I didn’t really use them much (don’t tell Dr V.)  I only took the inflammation medication once and while I had Vicodin, I didn’t really need it.  I was surprised too because I am such a baby about pain. My knee was throbby but manageable.  I told Dr V it was a 3 out of 10 in pain.  But still thanked him for the narcotics.

My husband was mean with the ice pack. Instructions said I had to ice my knee two hours on and then two hours off.  I hate ice. It is cold. I only want to use an ice pack when I have a heating pad on top of it.  I whined but still had to use the ice pack for most of the first day. But then I got smart and after he wrapped my knee up, I would immediately take it off and let it melt and then set my alarm for two hours, put it back on and tell my husband it was time for it to come off.

The best part was getting to be the “Invalid of the Day” at home. When I tried to put my glass of ice water on the stand next to the recliner and it fell all over the floor, I got to send a text message to my entire family that said: Spilled ice on floor – need help.  Of course, my husband forwarded the text to the kids telling them to go help me. And my son and daughter immediately came and cleaned it up and got me new ice.  And I got apple juice on command as well. Yeah, I’m about ready for my frozen pizza and buffalo wings.

One response to “My Knee Surgery

  1. You would not have gotten off that easy if I had been there……Oh, that’s why you didn’t ask me to come help you with post surgery.😀

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