Let’s talk Politics

With the Presidential election coming soon, I’ve decided that now is the time to offend everyone and write about politics.  Except probably the only person offended will be my husband who STILL never knows who I vote for. It’s just one way we still keep the mystery in our 30 year marriage.  And it is especially fun when I tease him by telling him that I just erased his vote.

But in all seriousness, we do have a very important decision coming up.  So here is my opinion on how this should be settled.

If everyone promises to be especially good over the next 4 years, do you think we could  decide not to have a presidential election and manage without a president for just a few years?  I mean, big government is such that it will continue to pretty much run by itself anyway – whether someone is at the helm or not. Work with me here; I really think we could make this work.

The economy hasn’t changed much – not getting better and not really getting worse. Like a big rolling wheel that goes along no matter what. And all those federal worker bees could maybe take turns doing the different presidential jobs.  There could be a lottery for who gets to host the Presidential dinners and spend weekends at Camp David.


I was thinking maybe I could be president.  There would have to be a couple of rules though.  Like I need to sleep in most mornings, I want broccoli and cheese soup for lunch everyday and my son would not be allowed to live in the White House (he is way too messy).

Then again – I think this is what would happen if I were president:


No one would show up. Most probably because it would be 10 pm on a Thursday night after I watched all my favorite prime time TV shows.

I also wonder, can the President of the United States quit?  I mean if it just got too hard and was too annoying and the drama of it all just totally pissed you off, could you just decide to quit?  But who would you hand your resignation letter to?  Would you have to give 30 days notice? Can you become one of those short timers and get paid but not really work since you know you are going to leaving soon anyway?

Then again, I think I’ll  just stick with my commitment to vote. All I really want is the sticker anyway.



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