My Trip to FL

I recently went to Florida on a trip to see my family.  We tried to move to Florida – you know the warmest, sunniest state we could think of after all the cold winters in Ohio but it wasn’t meant to be.  I guess we’ll have to wait until we retire when we will be required to move there.

Some general notes about the trip:

  • Don’t you think there should be an age limit to using backpacks?  No matter how much I try not to judge, it just doesn’t look right for a 70-year-old to be wearing a back pack.  Fanny pack, maybe.
  • Someone needs to invent an app for your phone camera that lets you surreptitiously take pictures of all the WTF moments of strangers that you see in the course of your day.
  • I went shopping with my brother-in-law for the first time.  I didn’t know he had such opinions about fashion. And it was nice to bond over a great pair of shoes. But it only lasted so long until he could find a chair to watch YouTube.
  • I loved seeing my niece and her son, Liam. I especially loved it when little Liam kept saying “excuse me, excuse me, excuse me” when I was talking to my brother-in-law.  And I do think it is a great idea to teach him the color of fuchsia.  I can just image it now – his first day at kindergarten and the teacher holds up a red something as asks what color and Liam would say, “Fuchsia.”
  • I was sorry to hear that my nephew broke up with his long term girlfriend. On a positive note, he wears that special little blue post office uniform (you know, with the shorts) so it will only be a matter of time before he finds someone new.
  • I was especially happy that when little Noah decided to feed himself, he had mashed potatoes.  They stuck really good to his spoon.
  • I paid $70.00 for pizza for everyone one night.  The next day my husband texted me and said the credit card people were asking him if my card had been stolen.
  • Absolutely LOVED the chickens that my niece, Jennifer has.  What a great set up with lots and lots of free eggs.  My brother asked me to bring some back to his house. It didn’t dawn on me that you probably should wash them first.  Should have thanked Robert for doing that.
  • Had to travel from Jacksonville to Tampa on Thanksgiving Day.  And I was starving! I thought for sure SOMETHING would be open but no.  Well, RaceTrac was open. And had a bazillion customers.  Right next to the closed McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Hardees.  If any one single restaurant had an open drive through, they would have made millions. (And thanks to my sister for the GREAT meal when I finally arrived to her house. Food never tasted so good!)

Getting ready for Christmas. My husband texted me today:

Him:  Need anything from store? Getting dinner.

     Me:  Yes, but list is too long. I have to go after work anyway, but thanks.

     Him:  Don’t get what I am getting.

     Me:  Walnuts and maxi pads?

     Him: How did you know?


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