The Christmas Ring (Part 1)

Like me, my daughter has learned that if you REALLY want something for Christmas, a blatant hint is all that is needed.  Or you just buy what you want, wrap it, tag it “To Lori From Lori” and try to look surprised when you open it on Christmas morning.

In this case, Christina wanted a certain ring.  A cute ring with a pretty bow and pearl on top. And she talked about this ring and asked for it weeks-no months – in advance of Christmas. This included texting and emailing her parents a link to the ring and also printing out the online order from the jewelry store’s website.ring

The problem is that I totally forgot about it.

Until I asked her to look in my desk drawer in our home office for something I needed when I was at work.  Which was a VERY BAD idea.

So this is the text messaging resulting from that VERY BAD idea :

Me:      Go in the office to my desk drawer and find my NASAORG login information and      text it to me.  Should be written down somewhere in there.

Daughter:     I can’t find it.

Oh look. I found a print out of the ring I want.

Stuffed in your messy office drawer.

Never to be seen again.

Wait, I found a password that says HEREISTHERINGIWANT

And I am taking the print out and giving it to Dad. You can’t be trusted.

Me:      Dad has already disavowed anything to do with the ring. But thanks for reminding me. Probably too late to get it though.

 Note to self: Do not wait until two days before Christmas to find a specific piece of jewelry.  Because you’ll end up having to give an IOU as the gift.

Luckily I was able to purchase the ring in time for Christmas (got the last one – whew!). But the story doesn’t end there.  After all that grief I wasn’t about to let this go quietly into the Christmas Eve night. She was going to have to work for it.


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