The Christmas Ring (Part 2)

It was finally Christmas Day!  Complete chaos assumed the air as we opened presents in a free for all.  And of course Christina quickly found a small ring-sized box under the tree.

Except when she opened it, she found a little piece of paper all folded up inside.  And no ring.  The note said:

Merry Christmas, Christina!  What? You expected more than a congenial happy holiday greeting in this teeny-tiny little white ring box?  Looks like you will have to work for it:

And the Christmas ScavengerHunt was ON!

I know it’s rather scary

I hate to go there too

But the first clue for you to find

Is located in drawer 2

Everyone knows I am great at writing clues for a scavenger hunt. (I am also damn good at the hot-cold game as my kids can attest when there is something they really want and I make them play to find it).  Christina finally figured out that the drawer was located in the hall bathroom that her brother used. Which held the next clue:

You have found your very first clue!

Now time to up the ante.

Go into the kitchen and

Look inside the pantry.

Why I thought she could find this one, I have no idea. It truly was in plain sight. The girl couldn’t find a box of Cheerios if it was staring at her. But she only needed a small nudge to find the next clue:

He will always be your puppy.

Your special one and only

So look inside his doggie bed

For the next clue on this journey.

Now there are two dog beds and I would not tell her which one.  And of course it was not the one right next to her. Next clue:

Every year I hear the whining

For you it’s so unfair

Inside your stocking you will find

The clue to something rare.

There is a whole story about the stockings.  I get to hear EVERY YEAR what a horrible parent I am because I stopped filling stockings when my son graduated high school.  It isn’t like Christina even cared about the stocking until it was taken away because my son certainly doesn’t care. (I keep reminding Christina of the one Christmas when her stocking was untouched for days after Dec 25th so obviously it didn’t matter to her.  Of course she adamantly denies that ever happened).  The best part about this clue is that she brought the issue up AGAIN and I got to innocently look at her and say:

“Well, there is something in your stocking now.”  Twice.  Which of course she did not believe so didn’t bother to even look. Priceless.

Final Clue:

Now you have the final clue

Go to the tree of lights

Look deep inside for your favorite guy

The one with the red tights.

Christina HATES the elf.  She says it is E-V-I-L and wants nothing to do with him.  (She did name him Elfie, though).  We have been screwing with Elfie ever since – he ended up in her suitcase when she went on a cruise to the Bahamas; I found him hanging from a string around his neck in the back of my car.  So it was just perfect payback that he was wearing her ring as a bracelet.


Except now Elfie is back with her. Now it is my turn to wonder where he will show up next.

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  1. Love it!😃

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