Grieving My Car

It snowed last week. For just one day.  And not just a little bit but quite a lot. I checked my email and no snow day was called for work so I went ahead and started my usual commute.

I am fine driving on snow. I used to live in Ohio, I have all wheel drive and I’m not a weenie about roads being a little slippery.  What I didn’t consider was the obvious:  If the drivers I commuted with daily couldn’t drive correctly during good weather, what the hell was I thinking about how they drove on icy roads?

So there I sat at a red light. Just minding my own business.  My heater was on high, I was adjusting my radio for the latest Maroon 5 song and BAM! CRUNCH! CRASH! My car was broadsided so hard it left the road, heaved up onto the embankment and ended with a solid landing on the sidewalk. WTF Moment.  Nooooooo I pleaded.  This didn’t just happen.  But. It. Did.

I was hit on the driver’s side toward the front wheel.  Little bits and pieces of my car was strewn all over the road. The chick who hit me?  Big Ass SUV with a teeny tiny small piece missing from her front bumper. On the bright side, cop was super nice. “Just give me your driver’s license, registration and copy of insurance and go back and sit in your car. It’s cold out.”

Called my boss to tell her I got in a wreck.  She informed me work had called a snow day so I didn’t have to come in.  Of course.  As an aside it is interesting (dumb?) that my kinda southern state deals with icy roads by dumping dirt on them.  Really? Dirt?

Necessities over, I limped my way back home going 15 MPH.  I didn’t realize how bad my front wheel was until I tried to park the car in our driveway.  Took me about 15 turns to make it.  Here is the snow picture:


And here is the ice picture.


When I called the lady’s insurance company, the rep was so mean that I immediately titled her number as “Insurance Bitch” on my cell phone. And then told her to talk to my husband, I was so done with her after the first call.

My husband was afraid to tell me, but he immediately knew the car would be totaled. I wasn’t ready for that.  I LOVE MY CAR!  We got it in 2005 brand new. Just over 200,000 miles, it was my go-to car for all my long-ass work commutes. In fact, I had just recently held a re-commitment ceremony with my car giving her gifts of new tires and rims, new brakes and back struts (or something like that – all I know is that it cost $648.00). She was totally paid for and had a heater that killed.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye.  I was so upset I had no pictures (although my husband rightly pointed out that did I really want a picture of my hurt car?  Shouldn’t I just remember her as whole and healthy?)

Once the car was totaled, the insurance bitch offered $2,800 for the price of the car. I was glad my husband spoke to her.  Because if I had to have that conversation with her, I would have immediately burst into tears and asked her what happened in her childhood to make her such a devil worshiping car hater.  When my husband politely asked her how she came up with that amount, she said they checked prices of similar cars in a 150 mile radius.  Except there is no Mitsubishi dealer in a 150 mile radius.  And there was ONE car that wasn’t even the same type as mine.

Oh and BTW, the rental car needed to be returned tomorrow. Yeah. I’m sure I can locate and buy a new car in 24 hours with my $2,800. Even the rental car was against me.  Every time I plugged my phone in to charge it, my music list automatically comes on.  Except I don’t have one. What I do have is a bunch of alarm ring tones.  Nothing like driving on I-40 listening to Dawn Chorus Alarm.  You would also think I would have really like the heated drivers seat. But for some reason all it did was make me want to pee.

Family viewing for the lost family member 2005-2017 Mitsubishi Outlander  will be held on Friday, January 13th.  Tequila and beer will be provided.


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