My New Car

After arguing with the insurance company, we accepted $3,200 as payment for my totaled Mitsubishi.  We carefully thought out all our transportation options and decided to buy a new car. Frankly, I thought it was a great idea for my daughter to get a bicycle but for some reason that option was immediately off the table.  I probably should not have told her that she  would still have to pay her car payment even though I would use her car most of the time.

The new car purchase process started with my husband emailing me a link with instructions to review all the cars in the link. He even included customer as well as expert reviews of each and all their options.  Included in this link were Nissan, Chevy and Ford vehicles.

And just because I know my husband, not only did I really review each one, I even sent the list back to him in number priority (Just one of the many ways I keep our marriage fresh). First on the list?  Nissan Sentra. I really wanted the Nissan Altima but it was $6,000 more expensive and I figured that having the drink holder in the exact spot I wanted didn’t justify the additional expense.

On Saturday we were off to the Nissan dealership to speak to a guy named Calvin.  Obviously my husband had pre-arranged this meeting and had already test drove the car of interest.  All I had to do was decide if I wanted it. There were two exact cars: a blue one and a dark gray one. I liked the dark gray one but I wish my husband would have told me that my daughter’s car was the same color.  I may have decided on the blue one but that is something I did not discover until I saw the vehicles parked next to each other in the driveway.

After the test drive and my decision that it was okay, and after one more longing look at the Nissan Altima my part of this experience was over.

Our next step was into the showroom to a desk for the horrible part of actually buying the car.  Either you love this part, or you hate it. I hate it and am terrible at it.  My husband probably doesn’t care one way or the other but bottom line is that he is really, really good at negotiating. Which started with him providing Calvin with a pre-approved line of credit for payment and also a print out of the exact same car that was selling for less than their price three states away (and a note to me that yes, we would indeed drive three states away to save almost $1,000).

My part in the negotiation was to start playing Best Fiends on my phone.

When the oily financial person came over with the offer, of course it wasn’t what my husband was expecting so I quit my game and stood up in preparation for the 4 hour drive to Missouri. As usual in these cases, we ultimately got our requested price from a different, nicer guy which led to the next 3 hours of paperwork and getting the car detailed.

I really like my new car.  My husband thinks we should be able to save at least $100 a month in gas since the Mitsubishi was so bad on gas consumption.  And who doesn’t love that new car smell?

I am still getting used to the back-up camera screen on the dashboard. My husband has mentioned more than once that I really need to use it. I wish my daughter hadn’t mentioned to me that my husband only forwarded me vehicles that had that particular option available.  Because now I am pretty sure he is trying to tell me something.


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