The Tire Incident

You would think that when you get a new car you should not have to do ANYTHING for at least the first 90 days, right?  Well, only 8 days after getting my new Nissan Sentra, my dash indicator light came on.


Yes, know it wasn’t that bad but that is how all dash indicator lights translate for me and of course it had to happen at 6:30am as I was leaving for work. (As an aside, I was driving a rental car once when a dash light came on and I had no idea what it meant. So I pulled over to the side of the highway, put on my hazard lights and pulled the vehicle manual from the glove box.  The indicator light meant I was out of window washing fluid. Stupid rental car).

Being the independent person that I am, I immediately drove to my local free air gas station and pulled my “made for Lori” air gauge out of the glove box. If you look closely you can see how it is even marked at where the arrow should be.  I love my air gauge.  I hate the pencil ones. I never could get them to work correctly.  And let’s face it, unless I have my 24-year-old daughter with me, no cute guy is going to stop and offer to help.


I checked all tires and three were at 30 PSI (see? I even know the lingo!) The front passenger tire was at 23.  I immediately focused on the guilty culprit. I dragged the air hose over to the tire and started to put air in it. Except the stupid thing would not work. I tried and tried to get it to latch on correctly and all I got was air escaping around the end.  After struggling for 20 minutes and not even an older, overweight guy offering to come help, I had to call my husband.

He wasn’t happy to hear that he had to come to the Kum & Go gas station at 7:00 am to help me (and yes, this is a real gas station- they even sell underwear with their logo on it, not kidding).

When Michael got there, he was not a happy camper. He took the air hose and went to the tire in question. Which now looked rather flat. He first asked me if I took the cap thingy off the tire. My response was a seething look. I was so much smarter than that!

But then he immediately told me that the reason I couldn’t put air in my tire was that the air hose end was missing.  Did I check to see if air was coming out?  Did I not notice that it didn’t fit correctly on the tire stem? Did I look at the end to see the piece was missing?  My response was to quickly pull out the tire cap from my front pocket and confirm that I had kept it in a very safe place.

Following a jacked up, blacked out Camaro down the street to the next gas station on a barely filled left front tire was not fun.  And I didn’t say a word as he had to use his credit card for the $1.00 air fee after I told him I didn’t have four quarters.  He checked every single tire. Put air in at 35 PSI for each tire and told me to go to work.

Next time I am going home and making my daughter come with me.


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