Never Share a Cell Phone with Mom

My son goes through cell phones like they cost $3.45 each.  We quit buying him  expensive phones when he was in the 11th grade and dove into our swimming pool with the third phone that month in his pocket. Now all he gets is a go phone from Walmart or a hand me down from someone else in the family.

Currently we have a plan in place that he will get my phone, I will get my husband’s phone and my husband has a new phone ordered that should be delivered on Tuesday.

My son jumped the gun a little on this one.  I am not a huge phone fan.  I usually have it with me but it is also not unusual for me to temporarily forget where I left it, not bring it with me to work, or have a dead battery for hours because I played games on it.  Frankly, I am just not that interested in having a phone so close to my person all the time.

When my son asked to borrow my phone over the weekend, I didn’t ask for it back until I had to go to work.  And I guess he figured since the phone was “almost his” he would go ahead and add all his apps. And then he left all the apps open on my phone.

So I now have Snapchat, texts, Guitartun, Instagram and Tinder. For the record, I do not use all these social apps so I believe I am completely innocent in their mismanagement and/or response to any inquiries. After all, until Tuesday this is still officially my phone.

But OMG according to my son I have seriously ruined his social media life.  In my defense, I did not know what “swiping right or swiping left” meant regarding Tinder.  And I probably should not have answered the text about the pictures but was very relieved to know they were about animals and not soft porn (because as a mother of a almost 23 year old, I have the right to know).  I probably should not have reviewed all the new stories on snapchat and I am guilty as charged for the motherly comment on Instagram asking my son to please remove his dirty clothes from the hall bathroom.

It’s too bad he isn’t on Twitter.  Because that is one app I think I really would have used.

One response to “Never Share a Cell Phone with Mom

  1. Linda Slattery

    Hahahahaha! Very funny as always!😁
    Love your blog. I have a very funny sister-in-law.

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