Dog Pills

I went to the pharmacy to pick up Casey’s prescription pills.  Our 7.2 pound 16-year-old Yorkie has a plethora of health issues:  Seizures, deaf, blind, wonky back leg (too old for surgery) but he is still the most adorable pet ever.  Especially when he bounces out the pet door to go into the back yard and starts barking furiously at nothing.   He is so proud of himself when he saunters back inside the house. You would think he just saved the entire family from being run over by a pack of feral cats.  We used to yell at him to quit barking, but he doesn’t hear us anymore so we quit.

Back to the pills:  I asked for Casey’s medication.  The pharmacy tech looked it up on her computer and said: “OMG do you really live on Bow Wow Lane?”

I didn’t have the heart to play with her intelligence.  I told her someone put that in for our dog’s address years ago and we just never changed it.  But it was pretty funny.



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