Tom Petty vs. Katy Perry – A Comparison of Concerts

I have been to both – the older generation vs. the new generation.  I can only hope that Katy Perry will still be touring to sold-out concerts when she is Tom Petty’s age. Here is my take on comparing the two concerts:

  1. We aren’t as loud at the Tom Perry concert. Yes, we are happy and loud but not “decibel piercing tween angst screaming” happy loud.  And we definitely sing louder (and better) with Tom Perry.  Hell, all he had to do was start singing Free Fallin’ and the audience pretty much just finished it for him.
  2. We sit. We are old.  We do not stand for a three-hour concert.  We sit because we are civilized, old and tire easily.
  3. Wait for it… Wait for it.. 10 minutes in and you had the sweet wafting scent of marijuana.  No red bull hysteria and/or pills.
  4. We can afford the $15 frozen margaritas. And the $10 beer and the $6 pizza and the $50 dollar t-shirts (two of them). Because we work. And then we enjoy going to a good concert.
  5. You won’t see any bored adolescent attendees at a Katy Perry concert. But kudos to the teenager who was obviously bored to tears while his parents enjoyed the music. Flip that to give credit to the many dads who brought their tweeners to the Katy Perry concert.  (But the dads who wore the tiaras and pink boas went a bit over the top).
  6. We leave as soon as the encore is finished.  I kept telling my daughter that “American Girl” would be the encore so she had to wait to the very end.  Which it was. We also guessed the encore for Katy Perry as well with Dark Horse.  Tom gave us two; Katy gave us one.
  7. Lighters at Tom Perry; cell phone flashlights at Katy Perry.
  8. Joe Walsh was the opening act for Tom Petty. To this day I cannot remember who opened for Katy Perry.  Or what they looked like; or what they sang.  Not that I was much better with Joe Walsh. I was disappointed when I discovered he didn’t sing Cover of the Rolling Stone
  9. Katy Perry flew over the audience for her concert on a swing. Not that anyone would expect that from Tom Petty but I have to give that one to Katy. She even dropped glitter.  It was the same venue so Tom COULD HAVE dropped a glitter bomb or two if he wanted.
  10. No dancing with Tom. Lots of dancing with Katy.  And Katy had costumes. With twinkle lights! And awesome set decorations. She shared pizza with a lucky birthday girl.  And had really cool film pics and video on huge screens.  Tom had his Heartbreakers band; a drum and a piano and two backup singers who were sisters. He had screens but they were just close up of him and the band.  And no pizza.  While Tom may have the history,  Katy was definitely more entertaining.

But for what it’s worth. The best ever ever? Barry. The self proclaimed “Justin Beiber of the 70’s.”  Here is a pic from his concert (yes, my husband took the picture and yes, I was THAT close. Best. 30th. Anniversary. Gift. Ever!)  I still have the streamers.





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