You Don’t Diss Wonder Woman

It all started so innocently with my husband informing me that I was personally responsible for ruining the movie Logan for him.  Because of me, the movie plot had to contain ALL the backstory for the new watcher to understand the premise of the film.  In other words, because I had no idea about the “X-Men” or the “Wolverine,” the movie had to cater to me and explain the backstory.  In too much detail. Which, according to my husband, completely ruined the movie for him.


My husband asked me if I even knew who played the Wolverine.

“I do know,” I replied.  “It is Hugh Jackman and I watched him in Les Mesirables.”

For some reason that just seemed to irritate him even more.

But wait.

Then we started discussing superheros in general. I told him I wouldn’t mind seeing Wonder Woman.  And she was a Super Hero, right?


And this set us off on a whole new tangent.  Because according to my husband, Wonder Woman does not deserve a place on the “Super Hero” train.

“And why is that,” I asked?

“Because she isn’t real.” He answered. “She has no real story.”

“Like the other Super Hero’s are real?”


Okay, so it was on.  He can’t diss Super Woman and play favorites with Super Hero’s.  I don’t even care about them but it just isn’t fair.

“Spiderman had the accident with the spider, Super Man was born on another planet, Batman…” (well, to be honest I don’t remember what he said about batman.  I simply could not believe we were having such a serious discussion about.. Super Hero’s).

We finally had to leave it at a disagreement. Well, honestly, I totally caved in because I really didn’t care one way or another. I don’t like movies with Super Hero’s anyway.

And then he turned on Plant of the Apes.


One response to “You Don’t Diss Wonder Woman

  1. Linda Slattery

    What does one expect when they try to bring a comic book to life? Terrible acting, more than terrible writing, horrible storyline, and you need to be 10 years old to appreciate it. Take my brother for instance. He had a new comic book every week when he was little. Did the parents appreciate it? No. Did me, his big sister appreciate it? No. So it’s no wonder as an adult he’s loving watching super heroes. It makes him 10 again. And I for one think that’s totally cool. You’re a super hero bro.

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