LWL Musings #29

I went to Walmart this weekend.  When I started putting my purchases on the check out conveyor I noticed this big wet spot right in the middle of the belt.

“Excuse me,” I said the the check out person, “can you clean that up?”

The check out guy pushed the belt button and moved the conveyor belt so the spot  didn’t show up anymore.  Then we looked at each other.

“You do know that it is just going to show back up again, right?”

I mean, I know it’s Walmart, but a check out person should still have standards. He was just lucky I had purchased paper towels.


My dog, Abbey has decided that when my daughter’s boyfriend comes over, she would rather stay with him than me. That’s okay, I’m not the jealous pet parent type.  So when he had a birthday, I specifically got him a card and present from Abbey.

It was a package of Nutty Bars and a chew bone.

The card said: “Happy Birthday!  You got some Nutty Bars and a chew bone. Wait. What? You got a chew bone?  I LOVE CHEW BONES!  Can I have your chew bone? Love, Abbey.    P.S. Boca didn’t get you shit.”


My son got stranded in some stupid county town and after a week of not finding a way back home, he asked if I could come get him.  “It’s only an hour and a half away,” he told me.  Wrong. It was THREE hours away.  I certainly did not plan on a 6-hour drive in Deliverance County.  On the way home he changed the radio station. I immediately put it back on my IPOD and said: “If I am driving 6 hours to get you, you are listening to Barry Manilow the entire drive home.”  He immediately fell asleep.


Why is it so difficult to purchase a rug?  I really wish there were choices other than blah and ugly.Rugs


I feel like Boca-cat is losing his edge.  He actually killed a big ass frog and left it in the kitchen. Boy, I remember the days when he would kill Humming Birds for entertainment.  But maybe it was just a slow night…



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