My Shopping – Revisited

I got in trouble again for my poor shopping habits. But this time it was REALLY, REALLY bad.  And the reason I know it was REALLY bad is because not only did I get a lecture – it also came with a detailed, dated spreadsheet.  Trust me, when my husband resorts to a spreadsheet to prove a point, well, you just don’t want to go there.

The issue (because my husband had one, of course) was that I spent over $900 in less than 2 weeks at Kroger. (But wait! He wasn’t done yet).  Which means annualized, I am projected to spend over $20,000 this year in groceries and other various sundries FROM A GROCERY STORE.

kroger spend


(And yes the picture is blurry – but trust me, all it says is Kroger $178.00; Kroger $236.00; Kroger $189.00; Kroger $67.00; Kroger $312.00 (In my defense, I probably took cash out on that one); Kroger $212.00.

And not only was I forced to go get my reading glasses so I could actually review the damn thing, it got posted on the refrigerator like some kind of public shaming of my debit card use at Kroger. I mean, this spreadsheet had dates and totals and formulas and the last 4 digits of every card I used. I immediately lost interest. I. Got. The. Message. Okay?

My husband has been insisting that I use a grocery list when I go to the store and STICK TO THE LIST. But I just can’t. I am such an impulse buyer.  And a forgetful one as well.  I swear we have 6 boxes of spaghetti, 23 packets of taco seasoning (because I only like Taco Bell brand and it is hard to find), 10 boxes of pudding, cereal from 2016 and a boat load of tuna fish that I bought just for the cat.  (Which BTW the cat does not like but how was I to know that). However,  I do have a system.  Periodically my work or our mail carrier has a food drive so I clean out the pantry and Viola! Empty and clean pantry.  Which means I get to start all over again.

At any rate, I do have to do better because even I know this is bad.  I felt so bad, I even texted Michael: “Permission to go to store and buy garlic bread and dog food.” I received permission but then felt guilty because I also bought apple juice, bacon, Q-tips and Bounce. But I swear I tried. I really did.

I wonder how long the list has to remain on the refrigerator.

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