An End to a Tradition

For the past 25 years I have sent out an annual family Christmas letter.  And I know there are many annual Christmas letters that are horrendous and boring and all they do is make you feel bad.  I’d like to think that mine was not like that.  Because I really tried to make it funny and not talk about the new job, wonderful vacation, over-achieving children or perfect family.  More often than not, I would be bitching about my son still living at home and the 4 pound rat that my cat brought into the house as a play thing.  One year my husband and I had a great debate on whether or not I could include an awesome picture of roadkill in my Christmas letter (he won, I didn’t put it in).

I started the process the same: I purchased my Christmas cards that were covered in glitter and picked up some really cute stickers for the envelope from the Dollar Store.  Spent way too much time deciding on what holiday themed stamps to buy and updated my Christmas address list.  Except when I started to write the letter, I had…nothing.   Which was really weird, right? I mean, I am the person who once wrote a letter to my mom and dad from college.  When my dad asked my mom what I said, she told him it was three pages about doing my laundry in the college dorm laundry room.  I should not have this problem.  Yet, there I was – twenty drafts of an annual Christmas letter that was just – boring.

Maybe some of it was because when I re-read the 2016 letter we really didn’t have much change. My kids were basically in the same place.  My husband and I at our same work.  All the pets were fine.  Same house.  Same commute to bitch about.  Same old.  Which is probably good, right?

I remember when we lived in Las Vegas.  My 11th grade daughter came home one Sunday after spending the weekend with a friend and told me how happy she was that she had a boring family.  And to clarify this, I got to hear about an angry person and drugs and a 911 call and two girls locked in a bathroom on a Saturday night.  Compared to that, I was grateful we were boring as well.

So to those of you who read my blog and usually get an annual Christmas letter, I am sorry I didn’t send one out this year.  I tried.  I really did.

May everyone have a Happy, Healthy and Financially Secure 2018. snowman

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