Christmas 2017

We had one of those minimal Christmas this year.  By that I mean I only put up the tree and one box of ornaments (and when I say “I,” I actually mean my son’s girlfriend – I rather like this one).  It was enough to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy the lights without all the work.

And we had a great Christmas:

  • I found out that my son opened up the tin box with the Papa John’s gift card and had been using it prior to Christmas.  He only had a $4.32 balance left on the card Christmas day.
  • My husband bought me a new laptop. I got him a wallet. Which took me two tries because he told me the first one I got for him hurt his ass.  I guess wallets to men are like purses to woman.  Which brings me to…
  • My “To Lori From Lori” gift this year was a new purse and wallet. I have been complaining about needing them for months.  I even bought a new purse a few months ago. Used it for one day and then pulled my old purse from the trash because I ended up hating it.  We are so far so good with my Christmas purse.
  • I have this one gift that I have been trying to re-gift for two years.  I was so happy when my daughter told me she would take it and give it to her boyfriend’s mom.  Except she didn’t and I got to unwrap it for a second time on Christmas Day.
  • My son is a voracious reader so we always get him a BAM gift card. This year I tried to also buy him a book by one of his favorite authors.   When he saw the gifBiblet was a book, he said he would “bet me $100 that if I got him a book, it would be one that he already had.”  Which pissed me off.  So I wrapped a second book and put it under the tree.  It was this one:
  • Don’t you hate it when you get a gift for someone and then have gift regret?  You know, when you know you really should give it to them but secretly want to keep it for yourself?  That happened to me this year with a pink sequined heart pillow that I gave my daughter.  I hid it from her so she couldn’t take it home with her. But then she missed it and took it later.  I sent her this text message: “Heart pillow texted me and wants to come back home.”  I got this response:


  • Heart Pillow

I would buy another one but it was the only one the store had.

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