Super Bowl Sunday

So I was glad the underdogs won.  I heard someone in Vegas bet a million dollars on the Eagles.  I’m glad he won.  Not that I really care – I only watch for the commercials and the half time show anyway.  Danny Devito as an M&M.  Pretty funny.  My other favorites were the NFL commercial to the Dirty Dancing song and the Verizon Alexa commercial.

The Eagle quarterback certainly earned his pay with this game.  Seriously impressed with his football throwing skills.  Yeah, Okay, Tom Brady too.  It is just that he isn’t new and shiny anymore.  (and they lost, remember?)

But I do have a couple of worrisome areas.  First of all – what the hell was the Patriot’s coach wearing on the sidelines?  Seriously it looked like a lycra spandax blue turtleneck over a Flashdance sweatshirt.  If my husband left the house looking like that knowing he was going to be on TV, I would make him march right back in and change his clothes.  A hoodie would have looked better.  (for the record, he might want to consider his outfit being bad luck and never wear it again. Just a suggestion).

But I’m not done.  WTF was Justin Timberlake wearing?  A Camo suit with a crappy print shirt?  I am just shaking my head not understanding his wardrobe at all.  I am sure it is not a reflection of the last time he performed at the Super Bowl – can’t really have a wardrobe malfunction with camouflage, right?  Jeans and a black t-shirt would have looked better.   Couldn’t Jessica have said something?  Anything?  Like “Honey, don’t you think a nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt with strips would look good?” I waited and waited thinking that maybe he would bring out all his Back Street Boys but nooooo. Somewhat disappointed.  Stage set up was phenomen, though.

We had nachos two ways (Regular with chili and shredded cheese) and Queso Dip made from Velveeto Cheese and Rotel.  My husband told me to shred some cheese. I told him I don’t shred cheese; I buy it already shredded.  Which meant I got to run to the store and get a Starbucks at the same time.  Laziness paid off.

We also had wings.  Didn’t care for them too much.  My husband made this special brine to soak the wings 24 hours and then slow cooked them in our crock pot and baked them to get them crispy.  Next time we’ll skip the brine soak, I think. Or go to Little Caesars.  I like their wings. I get them plain and then use Buffalo Wild Wings mild sauce on them.

Good game. Glad I watched most of it.  Also had laundry to do.  I Tried pitching the kitchen towel into the washer from the doorway.  I missed.  Guess no ring for me.

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