Our New Year’s Resolution

Well, I probably should call it what it is.  My husband’s New Year Resolution to keep me out of the store which will keep me from impulse purchases which will stop me from spending money.  Because, damn am I good at spending money.  Like, really good.  Really, really good.

So we had a discussion and he told me he would do all the grocery shopping from now on. At first I was like, YES! I mean how many people would be thrilled to not ever have to go grocery shopping again?  But after a few weeks (two) I started missing my thrice weekly $200 shopping visits.

And my husband has this thing about “THE LIST.” If it isn’t on THE LIST then it doesn’t get purchased.  First of all, he doesn’t tell me when he is going to the store to allow me time to put things on the list.  Second of all, I am not going to remember the entire name of things.  So when I asked for “Jimmy Dean’s Cheese and Egg Croissant” and he didn’t get it because he could only find one with egg, cheese AND sausage, well, I have an issue.  And there are just some things that you have to buy name brand.  I don’t have time to explain all this to him.  Like Kraft Shredded Cheese, Dixie Paper Plates, Campbell’s soup and Sara Lee Bread.

And then we had this text conversation:

Him: Going to Store.  Need anything?

Me: Cat Food

Me: Paper Plates

Me: Pads

Me: Tyson Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

Me: Pads WITHOUT Wings

Him: Buffalo Wings?

Me: Always Pads.  #1 Without wings

Him: Won’t they sick out of your underwear?

Me: I just don’t like them. Not a conversation I am going to have with you. Buy what I want or I will go and buy them myself.

I was impressed that he got the correct ones.

I am trying to be supportive and agreeable to this plan.  The fact that he can do all the grocery shopping once a week and take less than one hour is definitely annoying but I understand the plan.  I am also convinced he’ll eventually get tired and we’ll go back to the old way.  Isn’t that the way resolutions work?


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