New Year’s Resolution Part 2

It is still happening.  My husband continues to do all the grocery shopping and I am now officially in withdrawal.  It isn’t pretty.  I did get a grace period.  We needed to go to Walmart and it was Sunday afternoon.  My husband refuses to go to any grocery store on Sunday afternoon. Armed with a list and promise to ONLY buy what was on the list, I went to Walmart.

And then texted my husband:

Me: I failed.

Husband: I know.

So we went back to the old way and I got to complain that he bought the cheap ziplock bags and Boca-cat does like a little variety and he can’t just buy the same canned food over and over. Then Boca totally threw me under the bus and eats the same food every day without complaint.

In a moment of rebellion, I went to Walmart.  Then I bomb texted my husband pictures of things that I was going to buy.  Like this:


And this:

I was so good I even sent him a picture of my cart:

I felt bad that it looked so empty.  That is just so not me.   And it about killed me not to get any of the discounted Valentine’s Day stuff.

It is standard knowledge that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. It’s day 57 and I am still waiting for it to get a little easier.   But I think I am doing fairly well.

It didn’t help to hear my husband comment about how well our finances have been since we started this experiment.  My response to that was to get him a Valentine’s Day card from the Dollar Tree.  Maybe I’m not taking this as well as I thought.


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