Cuz Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do

My daughter and her boyfriend broke up so she moved back home.  I guess it happened quite suddenly via text message.  He told her he thought it “would be better” if she moved back home so she wouldn’t be so stressed from going to college full time and working full time and living together.  A text that was the beginning of the end despite his quick clarification that while he did say she needed to move out of the apartment, he didn’t mean that they couldn’t continue to see each other.

I would tell you Christina’s reply but I am really trying to keep my blog PG-13.

So of course we were the supportive parents.  I said all the right things and came over to help her pack while my husband reserved the truck. Which is exactly what great Dad’s do – at the drop of a hat they come to the rescue. No questions asked. Just a great dad. Now, on the other hand, we had to promise my son beer if he would come and help us move her. And then he immediately switched it up to a 30-pack when he found out she was on the second floor.

It was three days later that I made the following observation:

“You do realize that you were more upset about not getting UGG boots for Christmas than you are about this, right?”

And so that ended that.

While my husband and I are again sharing our residence with our 20-something child, there was someone who was really happy to have Christina home.

CMJ and Casey

Sometimes I just wish she would let me be her relationship fortune teller so I could just tell her:  No, No, No, Okay play with that one for a little while, No, Maybe, Ohh yes he is cute isn’t he, no, no, let’s see, no, no.

A mom can dream, right?

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