LWL Musings #57

Dear God, I am sorry that I only scored 15 out of 40 on the Internet quiz about the Bible.  In my defense, it was really, really hard and some of the multiple choice answers were confusing. 

I am especially embarrassed because I scored 32 out of 35 on the Beverly Hillbillies quiz.

  • Remember what entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  That’s it – I’m telling my 20-something son to quit bringing his friends over every day.

This was a response from ASK CAROLYN advice column.  The best ones will just tell you like it is:     As with any unknown animal, you approach slowly, with your eyes cast down in a nonthreatening way. Offer a biscuit if you have one. That’s what my dog thinks, anyway. She filled in for me while I was off retching.

And here is another one:

You don’t get to mentally pee on people (Specialk9 11/20/17). 

There are so many times I could mentally pee on someone.

  • I love email.  What I do not like is when there is one recurring email that is being sent, like 87 times over and over again WITH A MISSPELLED WORD IN THE SUBJECT LINE!  I would correct it but the damn work email professional society says I am not allowed.

I overheard my son talking to his girlfriend:

“No, I have to sanitize it first.  We have to make sure the needle is sterilized.”

So I immediately barged into his bedroom because, well, I am a mom and it was the right thing to do when there is any potential reference to drugs.

I found his girlfriend helping him remove a sticker from his foot.


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