LWL Musings #57

  • All I am saying is that if you have a walker tied to the top of your vehicle, you have no business driving in the left lane on the highway.


  • It is that time of year again – dog fluffs all over the house.  It is a lot like when you see all those seed clusters fly around outside in the springtime. And of course the groomer is always 3 weeks out when you call to make an appointment.  So I just have to remind myself – love my dog, love their fur while I put up with them for a bit longer.  And nag my kids into picking them up.


  • It’s yard work time again.  I am so over this already and it isn’t even June.  I tell my husband I will help and then go to Starbucks and run errands all day. And our city is so unreasonable with the collection of yard waste.  It has to be collected in these stupid paper bags and put out on Thursday.  I am going to propose that all we have to do is pile it all up along the edge of the street and they can vacuum it all up twice a week. I could probably get elected with that campaign plan.


  • I am so proud of my daughter.  She had to take an exam the day after having outpatient surgery.  On pain pills.  She got an 88.  But I still think I helped – during the 5 hour wait I read all three of her chapters and made notes.


  • Casey dog is getting more blind every day.  I know it seems mean, but I just can’t help playing the hot/cold game with him when I place his dog food on the floor.



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