Moving Day! Again.

So my daughter is moving out (again).  I know this is the 4th time but I truly believe this is it.  I came home from work and told her I brought her moving boxes.  She said she was glad I brought the small size.

moving box

I had this same issue when my kids were in preschool. We had signed up to bring the cupcakes for a special daycare celebration.  This was back in the day when I actually made the cupcakes vs. buying them from the local grocery store bakery.  I had grabbed a good cupcake toting box, put all the cupcakes in it and left it on the counter for my husband to drop off with the kids the next day.

The next morning he had removed all the cupcakes from the box and was taping tin foil to the outside.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said,  “Next time please don’t bring a condom box for cupcake day, okay?”  (I worked in public health back then and we gave out A LOT of condoms!)

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